Will the Isles stick with their planners?

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/17/2008 09:27:00 AM |
Isles said a lot of good things last night, it was necessary and appreciated by this fan.

Having written that the big question is do they stick with Garth Snow and Ted Nolan knowing that they may have to take a few years of growing pains and failure in order to work in the prospects?

We know it's not going to be all prospects with Comrie, Guerin, Witt, Sillinger, Sim, Sutton and a lot of players who want to win now, it cannot be nor does any team working in prospects go that far.

I have written here several times that I think Garth Snow and Ted Nolan's contracts have to be tied together. To extend the coach's term without the gm being extended is not a good approach and if this is a committee your gm cannot have more tenure than the coach.

We do not know how long Garth Snow is signed for, we do know Ted Nolan is in the last year of his contract with pressure to produce results.

The goal should be the Stanley Cup, the right things were said.

What also now needs to be said is this is the general manager and coach who will be here for all the growing pains whether they win or lose for now. You commit to a direction you have to commit to the people making the decisions and show patience in what they are trying to do.

Whatever Garth Snow's term is as gm, that should be Ted Nolan's term as head coach.