Hockey Night on LI, Prospects & Point Blank

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Barring any family circumstances that force me to cancel at the last minute I will be appearing as the special guest for Hockey Night on Long Island this coming Saturday 5/24 (first cup anniversary) at 3:30pm for anyone who would like to call in and talk some Islander Hockey.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Alex & Steve from Hockey Night on Long Island do a great job with the show, always a pleasure to be invited as a guest. The latest show is always posted on the sidebar here for anyone who cannot catch it live. Kyle Woodlief's latest prospect update was released 5/20 with updated prospect rankings where he slots RW Mikkel Bodker as his fifth overall pick.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Must read independent prospect re-source for Islander fans, impeccable work, latest update is also in prospect center.

Point Blank: Mr Botta continues to update his blog with answers to questions submitted by readers on several subjects.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Great job by Mr Botta to take his time to answer the fans questions and is doing an outstanding job.

Yahoo sports: Greg Wyshynski of SportsFan Magazine in Washington DC/Senior Sports Editor for The Connection Newspapers of Northern Virginia had a few interesting comments on Mr Botta's blog entries to his readers where he credits him for the way he used his blog to pull back the curtain on how an NHL team works and how he would also use it to aggressively go after members of the MSM whom he felt treated the team unfairly. He also brought up and credited Mr Botta's take on Times reporter Selena Roberts and her comments on former Islander Eric Carins without getting as much as a quote.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
My first inclination was to check whether Greg Wyshynski should be treated as a legitimate professional media source despite his listed credentials. I'm aware of what AOL Fanhouse is but I'm also very conservative with what articles are posted here. I don't know if he wrote his own title in this instance (many professional writers in publications have it written by someone else) but " brutally candid " in the headline description I did not consider appropriate or reflective of Mr Botta's blog entries now or since he began it despite well deserved praise for Mr Botta.

I'm not a fan of writers who use sensationalism to get folks to notice their articles, the quality of the content should do that on it's own merit.