Draft weekend interactive blog

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Some announcements for folks reading this blog on what's ahead.

1. That grey box announcing a live blog on 6/20 on will allow folks to come here and talk Islander hockey here draft day in the blog itself. I will be doing this both Friday night and Saturday morning as Friday is only for round one and Saturday for the remaining picks.

I hope a lot of folks decide to visit and be a part of it as I promise a good two days of interactive blogging/hockey talk as I would like to hear from even more of my readers here, what you think about the Isles draft and the team.

No signups, no subscriptions, just come and talk Islander hockey. Any questions please feel free to ask. I will pack the blog with updates and all the information I can find on the players the Isles select.

2. I decided to pull back from the message board concept I have been working on because it's too time consuming to do a blog/message board and the more things I want out of a board the more work it is to maintain it. If enough folks e-mail me and say that want a message board here I will revisit it.

3. I added back in the scoreboard so folks could follow the playoff games. After the recent blogger monster problems shutting things down here I have been scaling back changes so the page loads quicker for everyone and there are no more problems.

4. I keep adding to the prospect and draft centers with all updated articles so please keep checking. I finally added in a Troy Mattila mini article/profile which the Islanders did not have in the prospect section.

5. The season ending reviews will be continuing, took a short break from them and have to remember who I have yet to review.

6. My old Islanders-Sound Tigers mailing list does not allow me to change the settings so everyone can read/view archives so to put a link here to it would not work for anyone and only give everyone a log in page. I will post old updates at times from the list as many have already seen.

7. Finally found a rss feed for Kyle Woodlief's Red Line Reports from USAToday.com that will be permanent here even after the draft.

8. Picture link added for Tsn.ca in both the sidebar and the media section so folks can find their site. They do not have a seperate hockey feeder.

Thanks again for the great support.