Islander News Articles 5/11

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Edmonton Sun: Jason Hills has Robin Figren's first comments since signing with the Islanders and why he is going to play in Europe next season.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The Islanders issued a release on the signing, Newsday did virtually nothing beyond putting that release in the Isles blog and had it in the briefs part of the print edition (without the general managers comments) meanwhile the Edmonton Sun which covered him with the Oil Kings is the only publication so far that has printed his comments for the fans?

Shoddy work top to bottom. I expect it from Newsday but the Isles should have had some comments from Figren for the fans.

WCF Courier: Jim Nelson has Islander prospect Blake Kessel's comments after Omaha defeated Waterloo to earn the Clark Cup on Saturday.

Ft Wayne Journal Gazette: Justin A. Kohn has Islander prospect Luciano Aquino's comments after the Komets forced a deciding game after Saturday's 4-3 win. The Komets will play host to Game 7 of the Turner Cup Finals on Monday at Memorial Coliseum.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Aquino is a restricted free agent this summer for those wondering, he has not been included in any of the prospect reports from the club after being dropped from Bridegeport. Back in October an update was done on this in the Journal Gazette here.

Newsday/several writers: Report Rupert Murdoch has dropped his bid for Newsday and Cablevision could complete a purchase as early as Monday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Hopefully if this happens Charles Dolan will run things but either way it will be used to showcase Cablevision properties and that is not New York Islander Hockey aside from limiting them on television.

Get ready for Newsday plus coverage for our team but it cannot get much worse at Newsday regardless because the current coverage and space provided is terrible. All three potential buyers were poor options who have not given the club adaquate coverage.

NY Times: Richard Perez-Pena had an article on the possible Newsday purchase as well.