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New York Islander Fan Central | 5/08/2008 07:54:00 AM |
Good question today on bloggers vs actual media sources asking why I'm critical of hockey media but not bloggers?

Fair enough but let's start out by noting I also praise the media when they I think they do a good job. Unfortunately the level of praise vs criticism has a big disparity because to me the work is just not very good on several levels in my estimation.

Truth be told I also spend so much time on the questionable articles there is not much time left to praise the quality work, hopefully that can even out a little more but I'm skeptical that will be the case.

To answer your question I do not use this blog to link or comment on what individual fans write in their blogs unless they are accredited professional writers. I will mention if someone appears on one of the internet radio shows covering the Isles in passing or for a special circumstance but that's about it.

It's very tough to tell the difference at times and often I check sources to see if the person is a writer for a publication when in doubt before I add something written. Kevin Greenstein who's work appears in the NY Sun would be a good example of this.

Many times I tell my readers here do not use this blog as a professional media source or take my comments as if I am member of the media because that is simply not true. I'm one person with a blog writing what I think, nothing more.

Please take my comments for what they are but never consider my blog postings insider information or some kind of media resouce/professional writer or pass it along as such.

I hope that answers your question.

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