Saturday notables

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Sean Bergenheim did not play for Finland Saturday in the game for third place against Sweden at the WC.

Finland defeated Sweden 4-0.

The championship game between Russia and Canada is on Sunday at 1pm EST.
Both eliteprospects and europeanhockey report former Islander Chris Simon has signed with Vityaz Podolsk/Chekhov.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
For now we have to see if this is a contract he can opt out of if he signs with an NHL team in July but it is a sign he is looking to make sure he has a team to play for. Either that or he was offered a high salary and this deal locks him in as Alexei Yashin's contract locked him in.

Islander fringe prospect Vladimir Gorbunov has transferred from CSKA Moskva to HK MVD Balashikha.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I write fringe because with no transfer agreement technically the Isles still own his NHL rights.
Dallas earns a trip back home for a game six and a little pressure now goes on the Wings. Reasonable now for a little 75 Islanders talk but we saw this in the San Jose series.
I cannot be bothered linking to Arthur Staple's Yankee Stadium outdoor game article with his un-named NHL sources claiming they do not want to offend the Isles or Devils so they may not have a New York game. Mr Staple is so far behind on this story he's writing about a November game for an event that will take place new year's day. That is the only thing everyone can agree on and he could not get that correct.