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I only took one day off and I added in the final preview on Tim Jackman which was scheduled to be released here.

Monday and Tuesday will be very busy next week, I will not have time for early updates either day beyond pre-scheduled automated blogs.

Time & Transcript: Gerard McLaughlin on Saturday reported Moncton will play it's only preseason home game against the Islander rookies Sept. 22.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
For those putting together a pre-season schedule:
New York vs Florida, Sept 27th at Summerside.
New York vs Boston, Sept 23th at Moncton.
New York Rookies vs UNB Sept 24th at the Aitken University Centre.
New York Rookies vs Moncton Sept 22 at Moncton Coliseum.

One thing for sure, the Isles pre-season and regular season will be beginning a little later this year unless they have no intention of playing any preseson games in the tri-state area before opening night. Isles were done playing in NB by Sept 19th in 2007, pre-season ended on Sept 30th after several games in the New York area or in Bridgeport/AHL affiliates.

For those wondering Rangers opening in Europe means they will be not be around for a preseason game. Prudential Center should be open for business and my guess is a game at Harbor Yard could be possible.

Of course no law against another day game with all the school kids at the Coliseum, good way to market to the kids. No law against two or three home preseason games at the Coliseum.
The Blake Wheeler sweepstakes started Sunday. Isles should have no reservations making an offer with Kyle Okposo on the telephone. Of course both play right wing but Wheeler was drafted two years before Okposo.

Funny thing is if Isles did sign Wheeler he would likely take Okposo's spot next season as a second line right wing. Guerin and Hunter are not left wingers and with Comeau, Bergenheim, Sim and Tambellini on that side there is no spot for them.

No shock in the paper that does not have the financial luxury to cover the Isles properly with a professional writer and a blog on Sunday Larry Brooks decided to take his usual dig at Rick DiPietro and Garth Snow about Chris Osgood being the most successful goaltender of the Charles Wang era to open his Ranger-centric feature?

Larry Brooks ever consider if he covered hockey better all these years when they gave him more space he would not be reduced to reporting on baseball while the important US hockey markets never have to send their hockey writers to another sport in summer?

Boston Globe had a five part article today, several major hockey markets had full coverage today with the draft and free agency approaching.

Hope you enjoyed what you help create for hockey fans in New York Mr Brooks?

NY Times has all these professional writers around to blog, why not let one of them cover the New York Islanders exclusively and provide a dedicated blog? Do they really think feature articles on selling equipment or this SI type coverage that has been a total failure for two years is helping hockey in this market when the finals
ratings for New York are coming in at 24th and 36th among US cities?

The European league coverage is more dedicated than the New York coverage. It is interesting the paper fills in articles with blogs from fans which seems to be a growing practice for papers who need hockey filler to make up for lack of content.
I did a little looking back and I have to ask how come Newsday's Mark Herrmann did a Ranger playoff features raving about Jagr here defending his poor season/problems through his career, then when the Rangers were losing in five did not write about how they took a step back and barely qualified, that they spent 90m on two centers that could barely play with Jagr?

I did not see these features on Yashin when he had his good playoff against Toronto nor did he ever refuse to participate in shootouts and I did not see him defended by Mr Herrman when he was hurt in the playoffs for the Isles?

If Garth Snow added 90m in forwards and he had Jagr's poor season guys like Mr
Herrmann would be lining up to rip him but he has a good game in a series his club trails 3-0 and we get a feature that reads like someone who's more fan than beatwriter?

What happened the day the Rangers were eliminated?

Mr Herrmann did a feature completely ignoring the loss about a family from California who were die-hard Ranger fans who left the house with them losing which prevented an accident. He then made sure to point out the former LI family were not Islander fans here.

It sure would be nice if a few of these reporters simply dropped the pretense and said what teams they were fans of going into an article. This way when Mr Herrmann is selling one team and putting down another we can figure out whether to take it seriously?

I did not see any articles from Mr Herrmann last spring when the Isles were eliminated in the same five games about a family of Islander fans in another market
instead of articles calling for changes?

Sorry folks, I think these are very fair questions to ask.

Of course with Cablevision coming in to run Newsday this may become the standard for hockey viewpoints in the paper. Good article for the resume Mr Herrmann.
The Islanders resigned Campoli for three years last 7/16 for those perhaps looking for a time line on Gervais or other RFA. These things seem to get done in bunches.
Buyout time is coming soon in the NHL with the date around 6/15. I highly doubt the Isles will go that way with Hilbert or Bates because between waives and trades they could help fill out a deal.

Of course the Islanders could keep and play both if healthy. That would create one heck of a numbers game with the prospects.
Nothing updated on an outdoor game folks. Don't let Cablevision and NBC keep the Isles out of this one, contact the Mayor's office and demand the Isles are included or no construction be done on the current Yankee Stadium and the game shipped out of town.

If there is a game in New York the Isles have to be in it at all cost for the future of the franchise on a lot of levels, including the Lighthouse. If Mr Ebersol does not like that let him take his coverage elsewhere.

Do you part and send a quick e-mail. Mr Bloomberg will not give Cablevsion the time of day but he may do it for the New York Islanders.