Islander News Articles 6/29

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Newsday: Greg Logan's late Saturday/early Sunday article claims several sources had Kristian Huselius as the player New York tried to trade for at the deadline last February but a pending agreement on a future contract had to be done within seven minutes which was not enough time for Huselius after Flames GM Darryl Sutter took so long to agree to trade terms despite what Mr Logan writes was an offer above market value then he will expect to see Tuesday.

The Newsday beatwriter also reports Islanders general manager Garth Snow did not comment on Huselius but did have his quote he would not be a major player when free agency begins, however he would try to make his team better if it makes sense in his overall plan which is developing the prospects on his current roster.

Mr Logan also claims an un-named agent with a high-end client among a dozen free agents did not have a single player list the Isles in his top ten destinations with quoted comments because players do not get to see the Island and all the nice places to live from the Marriott they do not wish to sign here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
So several sources had this since February and Greg Logan was holding this information about his own team almost until July and still does not have an actual quote from anyone beyond his own speculation Huselius had seven minutes to reach an agreement and up root his family long-term?


For all these source and four months you think Mr Logan would know what was headed to Calgary from New York in such a deal? Maybe that would forced a denial from the general manager and the latest potential Newsday retraction?

I wonder if Greg Logan could have found an unnamed agent to quote who would say his client likes playing here and it's a good place to live maybe starting with Mike Comrie or Rick DiPietro among several players who have signed here?

I guess that would be pushing a positive discussion about our club, cannot have that, especially at this time of year.

Or any time of year in Newsday.

Time for this to filter north to the Candian media so the other agents and pending UFA get the word.

Updated Sunday PM:
Sporting News: Ray Slover in the sporting news apparently has noticed Newsday's recent work covering the club and writes Newsday recently stamped the Isles New York's most inept team but Garth Snow shrugs it off and marches along with a youth movement. Kids' contracts are covered, suspects are weeded out and it's doubtful the Isles will throw big bucks around in a thirty team review going into free agency.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It was funny reading the free agent rumors today from clubs practically all over the NHL. Only paper that bothered with a non trade from February and gave out the perception no one wanted to sign in their market was Newsday. The Hockey News Daily Dish reports in it's daily dish of hockey information Greg Logan of New York Newsday writes that the Islanders likely won’t dip into the free agent market because it’s tough to lure players to Long Island.

Winnipeg Free Press: Martin Cash has a few words from Islander prospect David Toews about his training at the Total Hockey Centre.

NY Times: Jeff Z. Klein does the first Islander article in the paper since before the regular season ended on Wade Dubielewicz departure to Russia. Of course he mis reports Ted Nolan and Garth Snow disagreed about the goaltender as this information is from several weeks ago.