Isles trade down twice select Joshua Bailey

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Islanders website: Islander drafted Windsor Spitfires center Joshua Baily with the 9th overall pick after trading down twice with Garth Snow, Josh Bernstein, Ryan Jankowski and Jason Lockhart's comments along with NHL Central Scouting's Chris Edwards & Windsor Spitfires head coach Bob Boughner.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Deep breaths folks.

Obviously Garth Snow and Ryan Jankowski targeted Bailey and when their turn came with Schenn, Filatov, Boedker, Wilson decided to go in this direction.

For tonight it will not be what the fans wanted, it will not be considered a franchise player in a draft class of franchise players and it will not bring a buzz to the Coliseum (or sell tickets) and likely anger a majority of the fans claiming this gm decided to be somewhat unconventional and gamble.

I do not know enough about Jousha Bailey at this time beyond what I saw on television and what was said about him and the pick. It's not fair for me to run him down or project he could be a franchise star for New York. It's possible Filatov could be in Juniors and Bailey centering Okposo, he has the numbers for what that is worth and only projected behind Stamkos in some areas.

Bottom line, Isles traded down in a draft several teams wanted to trade up. They got a good return in a strong draft, we'll have to see what tomorrow and years ahead bring.

For the moment it will not go over well whether that's fair or not.

Newsday: Mr Logan had five blog updates on the selection of Bailey, trading down, the draft itself and comments from Bill Guerin.

Islanders website: John Hill reported on what happened at the Coliseum with Robin Figren's comments.

Islanders website: Jason Lockhart/John Hill has Joshua Bailey's comments upon joining the Islanders at the draft party via hookup.

Note-Here are the details on the draft picks which I updated in the crawl
at top of blog.

Via two trades, the Islanders earned three extra draft pick. Earlier, the Islanders acquired the ninth overall pick and the 40th overall pick in 2008 from Nashville in exchange for the seventh overall pick. Prior to that, the Islanders acquired the seventh overall pick and the 60th overall pick in 2008 and a 2009 third-round pick or the 68th overall pick from 2008 and a 2009 second-round selection from Toronto in exchange for the 2008 fifth overall pick.

The Islanders will have until tomorrow to make their decision.

Daily News: John Dellapina's Ranger centric article had Joshua Bailey's comments he's ecstatic to be drafted by the Islansders and felt when the club started trading down he thought I might have a shot to be picked by New York. Garth Snow felt he would be able to select Bailey at No.9 and had first hand knowledge because he played on the same OHL team as coach Ted Nolan's son Jordan and this was the player we targeted from the beginning, a center who makes other players around him better - the type of center we need in our system.

Windsor Star: Jim Parker has Joshua Bailey's comments he did not expected to be selected this hight as he talked about a crazy media presence where his comments were broadcast live back to fans at the Nassau Colliseum, then on to the Madison Square Garden network, the NHL Network, New York Islander TV and several papers, that he had met Ted Nolan a couple of times, but don't really know him, but he's going to go to camp with the full intention of making the hockey team.

Durham Region: Has Joshua Bailey's comments to go the NHL is an honour in itself and to go that high to such a great organization, it just meant everything.

More in Saturday's news articles in a new thread. Isles TV had several interviews and pre draft blogs. I selected Bailey's press conference.

Saturday's live draft chat begins at 9:45am. Isles have a ton of picks.

Thanks again to everyone for an incredible turnout Friday at the live blog and hope to see you Saturday.