Late Thursday update

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I had to get some work done so I could be free for Friday and Saturday.

A little scary how most of those names I wrote about are all over the Islander rumors, even in blurbs.

Newsday: Greg Logan blogged with a lot of his own speculation on the draft with the primary focus on Pieterangelo, Filatov or Schenn depending on who's left. Mr Logan also addressed Jokinen, McCabe, Patrick Marleau rumors with Garth Snow's comments it would be highly unlikely that we would move that pick for an older player that may only have one more year on his contract but having the two seconds and thirds enables us to make a pitch to try to get that pick if there’s a player who’s high on our chart.

Mr Logan was honest enough to admit he did not know more than he has read about the skills of the top juniors entering the NHL draft and that the only one he has seen was Drew Doughty one time. He also issued another retraction on the Yashin headline.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Excellent update and a solid job with the speculation combined with the general mangers comments. I respect the fact he did not try and tell us something he did not know about players he did not see and was upfront on that. Almost scary everyone is talking about the same players in the media I talked about earlier but I got a lot wrong last season so even I'm due to get it right eventually.

Lets keep those updates coming and leave Mike Milbury in the past. Seems like many want the Isles to address the offense now with Filatov if possible.

Assistant GM/Director of Amateur Scouting Ryan Jankowski had a quick update and provides a pluse of what's happening so far here.

Toronto Sun: Mike Zeisberger claims one theory making the rounds is of course McCabe to the Islanders for an exchange of first rounders.

NYI Fan Central:
Toronto media is working McCabe out of town with everything they got. Just keep the money in the bank Mr Wang or sign Bergenheim, Comeau to extensions with it. Has Bryan McCabe's agent Ian Pulverdeny denied any rumors he would waive his no trade clause.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This rumor is like night of the living dead, someone please shoot it in the head once and for all.

Ottawa Citizen: Wayne Scanlan in an interview with Bryan Murray has the writes comments how when Ottawa joined the NHL they tried to copy the Islanders model for success.

Media Blog: Cory Witt has a good update on how the club decides on the name plates and jersey's are done in advance for so many potential players a club could draft.

Daily News/AP: Reports the NHL is threatening to kick the owners of the New York Rangers out of the league or force them to sell the team as punishment for accusing league officials of violating antitrust laws among several violations.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Come on Gary Bettman, give New York the Islanders at the outdoor game and leave the Rangers home. Too into the draft to be bothered today for any depth on this but it is kind of funny.

If seventy five percent of owners have to approve a change that sound you hear is Dolan threatening Wang, Vanderbeer and Golisano with pulling televised games with a ton of negative publicity for the Lighthouse in the Dolan's new toy at Newsday if votes for removal.

No way will Dolan allow the Ranger to play in bis building under another owner, they would have to relocate of outright fold.

Ottawa Sun: Bruce Garrioch speculates the Isles could be one of several teams interested in Jokinen.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I'm not sure what scares me more, that Mr Garrioch included the Isles with Jokinen or he wrote the Islanders were not interested in Yashin?

SI.Com: Alan Muir in his mock draft had the Islanders selecting Luke Schenn over Alex Pieterangelo.

Updated 9pm:
Newsday: Greg Logan had a second blog update which was centered around Filatov and Colin Wilson with comments from both players as well as E.J McGuire from central scouting who talked about Bogosian and Pietrangelo. Bob McKenzie has a 9pm update on some trade rumors, New York was not mentioned in the speculation.