Monday afternoon update

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Bloomberg News/Several sources: James Callan reports JumpTV will combine with NeuLion to increase sports programming with Charles Wang purchasing ten million dollars in stock. The purchase will give the Toronto based company access to National Hockey League games, the International Fight League, with television shows from China and the Philippines.

Newsday: Mark Harrington has more on the deal with a statement from Mr Wang.

Fox Business News: Has more details of the agreement.

Globe & Mail: Grant Robinson also had details.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Anything that helps the New York Islanders television exposure is a good idea. Mr Wang's company was a big part of ITV which the entire league used. It says a lot to the detractors who after a full decade of losing money owning a hockey team who could still think he's only in this for a land purchase that he spends ten million to increase sports programming?

Yahoo Ross McKeon placed the Islanders 27th in his NHL power rankings this week and wrote the Islanders bungled negotiations with Wade Dubielewicz.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
All due respect to Mr McKeon, I know he's doing a paragraph on thirty teams but unless he was with Garth Snow and Wade Dubielewicz agent he has no idea what was offered or rejected.

I did notice Joey MacDonald will be making an appearance on LI at a team event later this summer in the Trent Hunter appearance update but all the players listed are subject to change. The Isles are likely moving on without Dubielewicz but to write anyone bungled anything without being in the negotiations or a quote from someone saying that's what happened is not fair.

Dubie at this point should be looking for a chance to be a starter.

Windsor Star/countless articles: Michael Traikos reports the Maple Leafs have an agreement with former Sharks Ron Wilson to become the new head coach that will be made official tuesday as former Islanders Jason Blake & Bryan McCabe are mentioned by the writer but not interim gm Cliff Fletcher.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I wonder if the Toronto media can complain enough to get Brian Burke out of his job as Ducks gm if that's what he wishes to do or if Cliff Fletcher stays the interim figure head for Richard Peddie the next year?

If Leafs do buy out Blake or McCabe they can do so within the next week.

No way do I see Burke taking marching orders from Richard Peddie or anyone. I do not think Ron Wilson will take anything from Mr Peddie either.

Islanders website: Has a profile of prospect Tyler Myers from Friday which I already added to the draft center.

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