The New York Post does an update !!!

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NY Post: Dan Martin does a full interview with general manger Garth Snow before leaving for Ottawa where he talks about his draft pick, what he may do or not do with it and even had a comment about Alexei Yashin where he said he wished him his best with a few words about Bill Guerin and that's he'll be back.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
In the words of Suzyn Waldman, oh my goodness gracious. The Post editor allowed an actual update on our team with full paragraphs and more than thirty words? Sorry for not having it up this morning on the main blog but the feeder got it and frankly I kind of gave up on them.

That could be the biggest upset of the draft weekend before were done.

Garth Snow seemed to have no problem speaking to Dan Martin about Yashin and that sure did not sound like he was coming back or even considering it. He also had a full update on Bill Guerin and reported he will be back.

Let's keep these updates coming.