No deadline for Ridderwall, Johansson

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/01/2008 01:42:00 PM | | |
Buffalo News: Bucky Gleason attempts to clarify the situtation regarding the transfer agreement and explains why the Islanders should retain the rights of 2006 draft selections Stefan Ridderwall and Kim Johansson past today's former deadline.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sorry folks, but it's tough to find information on this and a lot of contradictions but this article seems to explain it best. I went by the old established rules which only excluded Russian prospects but now it appears to include all European prospects.

To summarize Mr Gleason in January, both sides opted out of the four-year transfer agreement after the Czech Republic joined Russia in no longer wanting a part of the current deal. An interim agreement also was dumped. The relationship between the NHL and the IIHF appears to be in limbo and no resolution is expected any time soon.

Bottom line:
The deadline for signing European prospects in the 2006 draft for 2008-09 was supposed to be 6/1/08. With no transfer agreement in place, there’s no longer a deadline. Stefan Ridderwall & Kim Johnasson for now should remain Islander property but even that could be in limbo moving forward depending on the next agreement.