Pro Hockey media making too many mistakes

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/26/2008 07:23:00 PM |
For someone who holds the hockey media to high standards and respects the code between professionals and amateurs where I draw the line with referencing content here I have to tell my readers some of these professionals are doing such a poor job it's getting hard to tell the difference.

Some of this stuff from the professionals reads like the National Inquirer. Is there that much competition or pressure for some of those folks to produce information or create rumors on a daily basis?

Today I read the article on Bryan McCabe and I think I read three paragraphs with sources, sources and more sources making all these claims but when it goes to agents and team officials they do nothing but say it's not true.

Larry Brooks at the Post claims the Rangers can negotiate with Sundin, the Canadians and Leafs confirm only Montreal was given such permission. The Daily News could not even get it right on Avery's health and misreported.

Don Waddell was critical of the media before the draft regarding rumors and how things have gotten out of hand.

Newsday has gone a few days with no mistakes between Greg Logan and the headline writers.

Sure would be great if a few of these professional writers would just do a nice boring article on teams prospects so folks can read them and become fans instead of stirring the pot. I seem to remember a few of them helped me become a fan long ago.

No wonder the sport has problems attracting fans, no one is going to look at a player or want to be a fan after reading some of this stuff.

Seems the competition for rumors by some writers is far greater than the competition on the ice.

No, it's not a New York problem but researching hockey information in general it has become one.