Updated poll results, July 1st chat?

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/25/2008 06:08:00 AM | |
I have to give my blog readers a ton of credit here.

In an ocean of negativity surrounding the Islanders in cyberspace they even surprised me with the voting here regarding the Islanders draft and what I think is a record turnout for a short week poll at this blog.

Here are the numbers heading into the final day grading the Isles draft. I gave them a grade of C.

A. 17 (26%)
B. 28 (43%)
C. 8 (12%)
D. 5 (7%)
F. 6 (9%)

In the boom or bust department I'm considering a Tuesday (7/1) live interactive chat like we had for the draft for the first day of UFA and would like to see if others are interested.

We all know by now it's unlikely Garth Snow will make any major signings based on his comments so it could be a quiet day but that could always be just talk on his part.

These are the times I'm targeting for a 7/1 chat (maybe an hour or two) which I may have to change. By early Monday I will make a decision.

Anyway here are the choices:
12pm-When news usually starts trickling in.
3pm-When the big rumors and first signings happen.
7pm-When many signings are completed and the crunch begins with fan pressure.

I'm suggesting 7pm because that is when we will likely have the most to discuss because someone will have been signed or we will have something from the Islanders.

Having written all this once again I would like to remind my readers NYIFC does not do the sensationalism game when it comes to rumors or transactions, in other words if a rumor or signing comes from a professional writer or credible media outlet I will post it here.

If it comes from an amateur blog or some of these sensationalsim rumor sites with amateurs writers looking for scoops all in competition with one another I have no interest in that here for my readers, you deserve better than that.

I have written from day one around here the rule I go by is to be dead last and a hundred percent correct confirming a signing.

That's how things will be done on 7/1 and in the days leading up to it.

The prospect center on the sidebar should now have the links to the profiles of all the Islander drafted in 2008.