Early Notables for Wednesday

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/02/2008 08:39:00 AM | |

First of all my thanks once again to everyone who visited last night's interactive blog which ran for close to three hours which was a lot of fun as we lucked into the time the Isles announced Mark Streit's signing.

Great job by everyone who participated, we will have another one at some point in the future.

Special thanks to Paul Kukla from the NHL and his site who also featured our chat on their website yesterday morning.

Also special thanks to Alex and Steve from Hockey Night on LI who invited me on the program this coming Thursday (7/3) Night at 7:30pm to discuss the New York Islanders and free agency here.

We get right back at it again today, check back often for updates.

I did take down some of the crawlers that went from signings to media articles, we have those in the media section. If things pick up I may put it back in for a while.

One site that appeared to be using only credible newspaper writers for rumors mixed in some of their own gossip from fan sources so that site will no longer be used here.

Sorry for the error.

I kept up the free agency tracker pages so everyone can keep checking as news filters in on signings deals. Fan 960 out of Calgary did a fantastic job on the radio side yesterday, I moved that link into the trade tracker for those who want to listen in and see if they are following signings today here.

Same format as yesterday, one blog for other clubs, one special blog for news and transactions by New York.

One line from the media calling the defenseman the Leafs signed Goldfinger (from James Bond series) had me in tears this morning I was laughing so hard.