Early Poll Results show it will be tough for Nolan

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I had a good feeling about this poll from the minute I thought of it and right now we have ourselves a heck of a fight.

Just shows how tough it's going to be on Ted Nolan, Garth Snow and most important the player who's on the fourth line. If you were coach/gm with a one year contract and had to play one of these players on your left side what would you care about most?

All I ask of everyone is if you decide to pick a player as your first line left wing, do not put the next player as your first line pick also. Make your lineup as if you were coaching and had to pick one player for each line.

It's fun looking at the early results as the votes for now suggest only Tambellini, Comeau or Bergenheim should be the first line center, only one voted for Sim to play with the first line veterans, most have him on the third of fourth line.

Everything else is wide open.

How did I vote?
Bergenheim was my first line left wing because he got in the corners and is the oldest with a good scoring touch, I think he has the most upside entering next season to have a breakout year.

Comeau was my second line left wing because I want him with Okposo on the right and his skills are maybe a year behind Bergenheim but is such a complete player and in three zones I do not want him any lower than my second line. A potential qusi/second line of Comeau-Comrie-Okposo should have a good impact.

Jon Sim was my third line left wing because he has produced at the NHL level and his speed should be a good fit with Sillinger-Hunter as a checking line.

Jeff Tambellini has to earn his spot and starts on my fourth line because I'm in this to win games and the other kids have had more impact. If I am coaching he is not handed a top six spot unless he outworks his competition and right now in my depth chart he has not been visible enough in games. He shows something for now he can challenge Sim's spot and get more minutes but a top six spot on my lineup is earned, not given out.

What do I mean by showing something? Creating some scoring chances and using his excellent hands and shot.

But that's only my take.