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First off my thanks at the NHL for moving the start of free agency to 12pm as opposed to midnight.

Newsday: Greg Logan has Garth Snow's comments that he just does not want to bring in older players that would force some young players to Bridgeport and that he wants to give the young players an opportunity to come into training camp and earn their spot. The gm also said if some of the young players perform at the level they finished at last season, it won't be an issue but that he has to strike a balance between veterans and young players. He also was quoted that many clubs in this league win with a young roster and does not buy it will be a season of losing and learning.

The gm was asked about offer sheets to group II players but said it's not something he's looking at but will never say never.

Mr Logan for his part speculated about a dozen or so players and added although Garth Snow might bid on a high-end goal scorer such as Marian Hossa it would be a long shot to sign him, but he might add an experienced veteran who could mentor young kids who will be playing to take some pressure off them. He also notes an opening at center and mentions Doug Weight because he played with Bill Guerin in Edmonton.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I hope like the draft no one expected Garth Snow to tell us his exact plan. We will see if he is interested in bidding on any unrestricted free agents today and in the days ahead by his actions but it seems he needs one player up front and one on the backline unless he expects his current roster to replace the forty goals that seem to be departing in Satan, Fedotenko and Vasicek up front to go with Berard and even Bergeron who was moved at the deadline.

As for Mr Logan he did a lot of speculation on players after reminding us who left last July 1st (when the Isles decided not to resign them) and had a few names I did not have on my list and some good ones. He did correctly ask Snow if his comments about prospects mean a season of losing and learning which the general manager did not buy but could turn out that way and has to be written.

Mark Everson reported on the Devils, Larry Brooks reported on the Rangers like he draws a second salary from Cablevision. New York Islanders did not have one word written about them going into the first day of free agency. The Daily News was it's usual Islander no-show with coverage. It is hysterical reading Mr Brooks defend Jagr for the same things he used to bash Alexei Yashin for, even after Jagr admitted he picked his spots last season.

Good news is Mr Brooks was so busy playing rotisserie Rangers he did not have space to bash the Isles. Although it does beg the question why did the Post interview Snow before the draft and not before free agency?

Point Blank: Mr Botta writes in his blog the Islanders will sign Doug Weight within the next two weeks and makes a case for why he should be added to the team. He also has another blog about why the club should make a run at UFA Brian Campbell.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Not much else to add if Mr Botta says the club will sign Doug Weight within two weeks and writes it as if it's a done deal.

I'm not a big fan of the move at all because he did not have a good season last year and is the kind of player who needs talent around him to generate his numbers at this point in his career. Contrary to Mr Botta's perspective he just does not seem like the correct center to ride shotgun for Mike Comrie next season if your plan is to work in prospects or go with franchise talents to replace veterans.

If your going to sign Weight it begs the question why not just give Vasicek another contract extension because he is younger and outproduced him a year ago?

Brian Campbell I gave my comments on yesterday, not much else to add other than Mr Botta is going all out as usual and whether I agree or disagree with the blogs I sure appreciate the hard work and effort. Bob McKenzie reports because the current cba is only four years until the NHLPA decides whether to extend it for two more years it will be tougher for teams to include bonus money in contract offers because it would have to count against this years salary cap.

Kukla's Corner: Paul Kukla's site from the NHL has a list of all outlets to watch/listen to free agency coverage on Tuesday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I picked out the two free radio/webcast outlets and put them on the sidebar for everyone to access. Many of these other outlets require pay subscriptions (XM) or to this point have not provided a live feed like Tsn who will only be on television for a limited time because of Wimbledon.

My thanks to the folks over at Kukla's Korner who were kind enough to add tonight's live chat here to their list of hockey-related events. Anyone who is having a live blog (I know Tony Stabile at is having one around 12pm or 1pm feel free to contract them and ask it be included and as always Tony will do a great job.

NHL Network here is scheduled to show XM radio from 12-2pm, with Tsn's free agency show scheduled from 5-6pm & 7-8pm.

Note-If anyone has anything free for folks to access on live radio/webcast please respond and tell me so everyone has some access.

Boston Globe: Kevin-Paul Dupont reports former Islander Petteri Nokelainen, agreed to terms with the Bruins on a two-year contract that will pay him an average of $850,000 per season according to a league source.

Courier Post: Chuck Gormley speculates among a bunch of players listed the Flyers could have an interest in Bryan Berard.

Times & Transcript: Neil Hodge reports the Russian Federation is threatening some of its best young players if they come to North America and don't make the NHL next season, they will be suspended from playing for Russian national teams for four years with Nikita Filatov's quoted comments in an article that mentions Islander pick Kirill Petrov but also has a few words on this from former Islander assistant coach, Danny Flynn.

Journal News: Rick Carpiniello in a sports uppdate takes a little shot at Garth Snow asking that somebody tell Islanders GM Garth Snow that the object of the NHL draft isn't to see how long you can go without making a pick.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Journal News with writers like Andrew Gross used to give the Isles the same amount of coverage the News and Post do now. Mr Carpiniello always was good for a few cheapshots at the Isles and always seemed a big time Ranger homer.

CBS Sportsline: Wes Goldstein apparently has done a lot of his reading in Newsday as he reports the Nassau Coliseum is why free agents will not take the Islanders money in a thirty team review heading into free agency where this is the only NHL club that had this written about them.

Medford Local/Transcript: Christopher Hurley has a few comments from former Medford High hockey coach Charlie Driscoll, who coached Bates while with the Mustangs on his being bought out by the Islanders.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has a blog update and is promising more for Tuesday.

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