Islander News Articles 7/11

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Newsday: Greg Logan had a blog update on prospect camp and reports Kirill Petrov, Stefan Ridderwall, Rhett Rakhshani and Aaron Ness will not be able to attend for various reasons. Assistant general manager Ryan Jankowski comments on Petrov's situation and the long-term plan.

Mr Logan is promising more updates in the coming days.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Very good job here by Mr Logan finding out specific reasons for each players absence and making sure fans were updated as to today's announcement on negotiations regarding a future transfer agreement as well as Mr Jankowski telling us more about Petrov's status.

Fair to say the World Junior Championships will be a lot of fun for New York Islander Fans.

I guess the season over in the European leagues for some clubs is starting a week or two earlier than usual just as it seems the NHL season will be starting later given the pre-season games in Moncton.

Will be interesting to see if Figren is coming considering he is also slated to play in Europe. Reports Anaheim general manager Brian Burke had a measured response to Kevin Lowe's comments last week but did respond.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Only thing I can write here is why did Kevin Lowe have to insult the fans in Anaheim and their media coverage? That to me is over the line and not called for because they did not create any problem with Kevin Lowe. Granted I favor Burke and wrote so the other day but still those people should not be thrown into that.