Islander News Articles 7/28

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Newsday: Greg Logan has an article on the coaching search that confirms what Mr Botta wrote in his blog with Mike Sullivan and Scott Gordon up next for interviews with more on the time table for a hire.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It's always funny reading some of these things. Team source, league source, it sure would nice if one time a writer said the name of that source because it's not as if this is some kind of major secret these men are interviewing.

Imagine if we had known in April of 2006, Garth Snow interviewed for the Isles general manager position, that's one all the sources missed completely so the media never got a chance to put that out there for the public.

Calgary Herald: Bruce Dowbiggin describers Bob Hartley as the perfect coach for the Isles because he is a fake coach for a fake team.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The Stanley Cup ring on Mr Hartley's finger sure is not fake.

For me Isles are a little fake right now especially Garth Snow for saying his relationship with Nolan was fine as he would be critical on one hand with performance and then say he wants to keep things a family and behind closed doors with the other, cannot have it both ways.

Learn the words no comment or be less accessible to the media. We have general managers in this league (and in New York sports) who are in the witness protection program when it comes to speaking to the media. Garth Snow has no obligation to speak with Newsday or any media outlet unless there is something to report.

Hockey Has a recap of Sunday's game at the Canadian prospect camp in Ottawa.

Another game will take place Monday at 6pm with camp concluding on Tuesday.