Islander News Articles 7/4

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Newsday: Mr Logan has an interview with Mark Streit who felt good about the Islanders situation. He is quoted as saying he liked the team, loved the city and it was an easy decision for him and always liked playing at the Coliseum when he came in with Montreal and is excited to be here.

Streit also said he is not really a forward, but did it for Montreal because it was his role but describes himself as a heart-and-soul defenseman who feels he can help the team more as a defenseman with his ability and can play a good role on the powerplay as an offensive defenseman because that's what he does best. He also felt in Guy Caboneau's defensive rotation he was unable to get comfortable playing two positions and that only playing defense will improve his game at both ends of the ice.

In addition the new defender feels one of his strengths is to make the first quick breakout pass, then follow up the play or rush the puck and make a play. That he's a pretty good skater, sees the ice pretty well and loves to play that kind of game with skating and passing and supporting the forwards.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Impressive stuff, I do not think I have seen an interview like that where almost all of it is the player unplugged about his game. Nice job by Mr Logan letting Streit speak to the fans about what his game is all about.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports on all the Sound Tigers signings on Thursday with comments from team President Howard Saffan with the discussion centered on Brent Skinner and Kurtis McLean.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
My appologies for the mistake on spelling Howard Saffan's name for quite a while.

Many websites had it as Saffin, I did some reseach on this today and apparently have been making an error on this one for a while. I went back and researched his hiring with Bridgeport.

A few more early updates tomorrow but unless a major move does happen involving the Isles that will essentially be it for the weekend.

Updated 9:30am: David Hunt has a few words on the Islandes signing of goaltender Peter Mannino with comments from DU head coach George Gwozdecky.

NY Post: Larry Brooks has Jagr with a few choice words for Mike Milbury as he departs team Cablevision (at least so they claim today).

NYI Fan Central Comments:
You can bet if Yashin had become part of Cablevision on ice the Ranger spindoctors would be protecting him against outside media every chance they could get.

All about the laundry folks, always is.

My thanks to everyone once again for a great week here at NYI Fan Central.