Bergenheim update/Late notables

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Newsday: Greg Logan has a late Monday update on arbitration/contract negotiations for Sean Bergenheim with comments from his agent, Todd Diamond who said on Monday his client plans to accept the arbitrator's decision rather than seek a better deal in Russia. He also expects the Islanders to opt for a two-year deal in arbitration. According to Mr Diamond Bergenehim will be an RFA the next three seasons.

Mr Diamond's partner, Mark Gandler also commented about the arbitration process and how/when things go well vs when they poorly with a team but did not have anything specific with regard to Bergenheim.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Now we know Todd Diamond is Sean Bergenheim's primary agent but Mr Gandler is still involved in some manner. I thought Mr Gandler was still exclusively calling the shots. I guess we will get a hearing date tomorrow but if the agent said his client is restricted for the next three years there is a lot of room for both sides to work with.

Mr Gandler for his part just kept it basic with regard to negotiations for anyone and did not seem to stir the pot.

Bottom line Bergenheim will accept whatever he receives in arbitration, hopefully the Isles keeps things as classy as they were with Hunter a year ago.

Point Blank: Mr Botta updated his blog with a bunch of things and is considering keeping it open.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I hope Mr Botta does keep updating as I have written several times, no law about how often someone has to update a blog.

Mr Botta answered my question and wrote to his knowledge Garth Snow has not been given a contract extension. Until we get an answer on that there can be no talk of a Ted Nolan contract extension unless folks want a plan in place that is unconventional where the coach has more term than his general manager.

As for some other things Mr Botta wrote a few words on Larry Brooks I disagree about. He should understand more than anyone if folks read Mr Brooks Sunday column it is only because they are that interested in any hockey information they can find and in the absence of credible journalism will take anything because that's how far things have fallen in this market which Mr Brooks coverage has contributed to.

I was reading Mr Brooks back in 1980 too so I can speak from experience on this subject when I tell my readers garbage is still garbage, no matter how long the writer has still been around.

I can also appreciate Mr Botta's loyalty to Greg Logan but it also has to be written some of Mr Logan's speculation has been unfair at times and caused damage to a franchise where what he writes carries greater weight than ever because of the lack of coverage locally among several things items I have brought up here as a problem with Newsday coverage. Special guest Steve Mears joined Steve and Tony on the program and recapped the Islanders draft/unrestricted free agency.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Excellent job as always. Sorry Tony but I did not see your invite until too late after I got home. Folks can listen to the recap on the sidebar here along with Tony's blog entries or on their website.

Vancouver Province: Ben Kzuma reports the Anaheim Ducks will sign Brendan Morrison to a one year contract that will be announced Tuesday despite a no comment from Brian Burke and a denial from his agent Kurt Overhardt when reached Monday at his Denver office. Reports the Tampa Bay Lightning signed Mark Recchi to a one year contract with incentives.