Latest Newsday Disgrace: Anthony Rieber

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Newsday: Anthony Rieber in his Newsday blog decides to tell us about the Newsday/Cablevision ownership, how honest the paper and his blog will be but then tells us the Knicks are simply still not a good team, the Rangers still don't get enough bang for their buck but only the Isles are a laughingstock and we're going to keep writing it in Newsday in what he calls honest commentary until it's no longer true (in his view) or the club moves.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Where I come from honesty is not a double-standard where it is selectively applied to your favorite teams and not all teams.

Not too friendly from the only paper that is supposed to provide full-time coverage from Mr Rieber who only shows up to play the shock jock game on the Isles and insult them.

So Mr Rieber wants us to buy from him under Cablevision we will receive honest coverage but then he tells us the Knicks are not a good team and does not throw the laughingstock label on them with a half a column about all the comical decisions they have made under his new boss?

Did he write that with a Cablevision employee sitting next to him needing approval before it was posted like Alan Hahn and several writers needed approval from Msg security NY Observer before interviews with Knicks players last season?

I guess that would not help Mr Rieber's job status writing the Knicks are far from simply a bad team but a disgrace and arguably one of the biggest laughingstocks in New York sports history thanks to his new boss.

The Rangers with one cup since 1940 that have done virtually nothing more than the Isles in the postseason (and finished only two points ahead of the Isles a year ago with the Isles winning both season series) that spent ninety million on two centers who could not play on the first line are not a laughingstock after missing the playoff for seven years in a row while the Isles who have been to more playoffs in the last six years then both Msg franchises combined are a laughingstock?

No folks, the Isles are hardly a good team at this time but things are not that bad either that they merit this constant assault from Newsday writers/bloggers. If they stayed healthy and got anything from their veterans they likely would have made their fifth playoff in six years even with the lack of scoring.

It's hard to take coverage like that seriously in what reads like more like a Cablevision resume than what Mr Rieber calls honest coverage but Isles fans are used to this kind of poor treatment from a staff of writers who are not fans of this team who do not beat up any of the other clubs like this regardless of record and seemingly go out of their way.

The Mets change managers the Isles take a beating from a Newsday writer.
The paper changes hands the Isles take another beating from Mr Rieber.
Isles make a coaching change Wallace Matthews jumps off baseball to bash the club.
Al Arbour comes back, has a great night Jim Baumbach writes something negative.
DiPietro starts the All-Star game our beat writer cannot be bothered blogging.
Isles go to Newark Mr Herrmann talks about the clubs viability.
Guest amateur writers blasting the club.

It seems the only time Newsday can treat our team like a big market team is when it's time for someone to come out and insult them.

No wonder a lot of our fans just tune the club out. You take this kind of unfair coverage too long you don't want to be bothered or just accept it.

This is the paper that most of the North American media relies on for New York Islanders perception with the phrase according to Newsday attached to almost everything as a disclaimer.

Not good.

Only thing Mr Rieber does here is make himself look like a laughingstock with a double-standard in reporting that is disgraceful.