Let's go with the Milbury plan.....NOT

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/27/2008 07:55:00 AM |
Come on folks, you know that plan.

It's one you see endorsed every time a fan complains I have been waiting fifteen years for a playoff series win, I want a contender now, were a laughingstock (insert reason including weather) I'm tired of waiting.....ect

It's one folks sure were not complaining about in the summer of 2002 when they were buying tickets and will be thrilled with for a few months.

So lets get to work, go sign Glen Murray, call up Okposo's agent and tell him there is no spot for him and were looking to trade him to win now, no doubt San Jose will be happy to give up Patrick Marleau for a year before he goes unrestricted.

Now that we have Marleau for a few months we no longer need Nielsen, Colliton so lets get one of them out of here for Mathieu Schneider and put a second round pick into the deal as one of our infamous sweeteners.

No room for Jeff Tambellini, let's package him with Campoli with another second rounder and get Jason Blake back in here so Islander fans can boo him every night.

Of course that means we have to add McCabe because the defense is terrible. Bergenheim or Comeau with Gervais should make that happen with Leaf fans dancing in the streets.

Meet your Mike Milbury 2008-09 Islanders:


Guarantee there is someone who just read this and said that could be a good team.

So let's just get Milbury back in here and start giving away young players for aging veterans so the team can be trapped in mediocrity forever. When all these veterans all start breaking down or getting hurt it will be a heck of a four month plan.

There is still a first rounder and Josh Bailey to move at the trade deadline to keep things going. The best out of Marcinko, Figren and Joensuu should make for a great trade deadline rental.

I almost cannot blame Mike Milbury back in those days, one day he would be told he could finally spend and the next was told cut the budget. You honestly think you would not do the same or be worried about your replacement winning in a job you would never have kept if you went with youth for another five plus years with no guarantee of success?

Funny, but doing this just only enhances how stacked this team is with quality prospects moving forward and how good they have every chance to become if they stick with what they are doing if they avoid the Milbury plan at all cost.

Hopefully a few fans see it also. My impression is next season after absorbing the usual low expectations in pre-season predictions the club is in contention and all the so-called experts will have no part of it or tell us how surprised they are as X
coach gets the latest nomination for the early Jack Adams.

I guess the rest of the so-called experts can keep telling Milbury stories while the Isles keep winning.