Mr Wang deserves his share of blame too

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/15/2008 06:46:00 PM |
Some of you may think me putting some blame on Charles Wang here is about the Islanders plan to have a committee structure.

Afraid not.

Anyone who followed the club and quotes knew was not the case even going back to 2006-07 because the coach had to work the locker room while the gm and scouting staff provided the players. Of course Ted Nolan was part of that process in the summer however for the most part at least in terms of coaching/gm it was never this board as advertised for long as even Mr Botta pointed out a while back.

Outsiders like Wallace Matthews/Scott Burnside can do that kind of article and take their shots at Mr Wang but like many of them is an insult to the die-hard fans who know that has not been the case, that is mostly wall paper for the novice instant Islander experts who could not name ten players if they tried but remember Milbury traded Luongo and start from there because it's the only place they can go when they try and write something about the club.

Even Larry Brooks proved he is so far removed from things with this team he is reduced to wallpaper and past background to go with his digs because it's all he has.

Slapshots has not learned it's 2008 for the New York Islanders and Larry Brooks only watched eight Ranger-Islander games and wrote only one article about Al Arbour otherwise he went nowhere near the Isles room and stayed in the past where it's safe for him.

Having written that....

This decision by Garth Snow and Ted Nolan will cost Charles Wang 600k to pay off the final season of his coaches contract, revenue in lost ticket sales/subscribers to go with another mountain of bad publicity and criticism of his tenure as owner.

With that comes having to give an incoming coach more term than his general manager if Mr Botta is correct and Garth Snow is still working off a one year deal to go with more money to pay an incoming coach.

Not a good deal for any owner and no doubt the kind of problem no one needs trying to get a major construction project approved that may define whether he keeps the club or moves on himself.

Charles Wang could have called both of them on the carpet months ago and told them both of you are here because I gave you a chance no one else was going to give you and we deserve better than this in the press.

Knock off the public comments, and this " they " talk, along with the " raised eyebrows " garbage and act as professionals, go into a room and work it out and act as part of a team or you both can leave.

In short what Mr Botta wrote about acting as professionals.

I do not know if Charles Wang did that, so I cannot be critical of him there because I would not know.

All I do know is he did an interview and the first quote out of his mouth was he told his coach so with regard to playing the prospects.

A comment like that only showed up his coach and was not good and deserves some blame. From there he talked about his dissatisfaction with the season as any owner who spends money and does not win should but to make a comment like that if I were coach would be a direct slap in my face and had to be kept behind closed doors.

From there you blame everyone for a losing season, including yourself.

Not Ted, Garth, whoever.

As someone writing a blog from the outside and not a professional media person I cannot give you more than that because it would only be unfair speculation on my part, I only go by the quotes.

Mr Wang you deserve your share of the blame because you said that, it was not called for.

Only you know if it contributed to what was obviously a problem and now is one that will be expensive on a lot of levels.