Satan-Fedotenko to Pens/NYIFC Schedule

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A bit of a step back today in terms of updates.....NOT

I guess I did not expect Bridgeport decided to fill out it's roster today.

Doing a blog reporting other teams resignings including minor league players is a bit counterproductive at this point.

The feeders and crawls will be doing most of the work in that department here with regard to the other twenty nine teams. All the free agent sites with updates are on the sidebar with the two radio shows if they are still doing live NHL signing shows.

Islander notables will have the news/blog updates. Islander and Sound Tiger transactions I will play it as it goes.

Satan/Fedotenko to Pittsburgh were added with comments.

News updates will be added to the blog already posted on today's News articles.

Tonight at 7:30pm I will be appearing as one of the guest on Hockey Night on LI with Alex and Steve who do an excellent show along with Ken Rosenblatt who is a member of the Islanders blog box and does outstanding work with his blog called Islanders Outsider that is also featured on the sidebar here with his latest updates.

After that I will do the early Friday articles but that will be about it for the weekend unless a major announcement/trade involving the New York Islanders take place or Doug Weight has a few words.

If Mr Botta does follow through on his plan to close his blog on 7/7 (which appears to be the case being that he stopped permitting comment) despite NYI Fan Central hope and earlier blog that he reconsiders. I would once again like to thank him for all he has given the New York Islander Franchise for over twenty years and wish him nothing but the best moving forward and hope he keeps following the club in his own way.

Of course he's always welcome to visit here.