Poll Update: Garth Snow in UFA

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/08/2008 07:19:00 PM |
I seem to write this a lot when we do polls around here but once again the turnout and perspective of the folks visiting this blog never fail to impress me.

I voted as soon as I put up the poll and gave the general manger a C expecting a lot of D or F grades. I would guess part of that was the gm showing patience in making sure these kids have spots to earn training camp and not just signing Mark Streit.

Of course a year ago Doug Weight would project out to be a solid offensive signing, we better hope he just came off his Guerin-like thirteen goal campaign a few years ago or that signing could be a big time bust.

There is no right vote here and of course everyone is entitled to whatever view they like but I have to admit I was surprised to see so many give Garth Snow such a high grade.

Anywhere here is where we stand with a few days left:
A 7 (14%)

B 16 (34%)

C 21 (44%)

D 1 (2%)

F 1 (2%)

still not finished 1 (2%)

I do not start polls here unless they are for current hotbutton topics or something I think is very good.

I came up with a new poll for next week I think everyone will like a lot and is very good in my estimation.