Poll updates:

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/16/2008 06:13:00 PM |
One of the very rare times I have had two polls running here but of course when a coach gets fired you need an immediate poll about a replacement and of course I more than understand how disgusted/numb many of you may feel about it which is what I included and voted for.

Hopefully in the next few days along with myself some of you go back and change your votes because someone eventually is going to be hired unless Garth Snow can find someone named disgusted/numb.

You never know.

The poll on the left wing positions has ignited a firestorm of votes but more importantly shows how tough it will be to place these players being that there is a great divide on what line each player should be on among the readers.

Going by the majority for the moment:
Bergenheim would be on the first line
Comeau would be on the second line
Sim would be on the third line
Tambellini with a lot of votes for all four lines would start the season as a fourth line player.

Still about two days left, love the debate on this one.