Snow expected to get rid of Nolan? Very Doubtful

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/18/2008 01:29:00 AM |
We see teams make coaching changes all the time, a few days after one goes another is announced almost immediately or the media knows who it will be like with Barry Melrose, the handwriting is almost always on the wall.

Thanks to Mr Botta we knew there were problems a while back but even he did not anticipate a change or write one was coming and he knew Weight would be signed.

Maybe Garth Snow wanted Nolan out for a long time, but given how things are playing out now it's doubtful he expected he would be out. Maybe Nolan wanted out of here unless he got his contract and some control over the decision making process.

If Snow felt a change had to be made it would have been done before the draft, free agency and the prospects came here for camp unless he really had to lobby Charles Wang hard for permission to make a change and finally convinced him recently that this was not going to work.

I do believe this is a decision that was arrived at Monday for whatever we want to speculate happened behind closed doors.

If Newsday is correct and Nolan was given permission to interview for other jobs Garth Snow would have been doing interviews for his replacement long before Monday and had his list and mostly likely his choice already. We all know an NHL source would have reported Ted Nolan interviewed somewhere or made some calls and broke the story he could look for work.

This seems like something that just started with Monday and now Snow has to take his time and find a replacement so to me it indicates this was not something planned or in the works or a new coach would have been settled in advance already.

Still it does not excuse all the denials on their working relationship from either of them.

Will be very interesting if Snow cannot find anyone he is satisfied with or cannot find a coach willing to endorse his plan if he again turns back to Ted Nolan in some capacity.

I know that's a huge reach but we have seen these things in sports, sometimes both sides do not like how things ended and want to work together on some level or feel bad about how it ended.

Depends on the individuals, does not seem like Ted Nolan's way given how he left Buffalo. I'm not sure about Snow as a general manager but if Mr Botta felt a few of his comments in the press were over the line it does not seem his way either.