So what's ahead at NYI Fan Central?

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/08/2008 09:59:00 AM |

I will be taking a few days off here and there but between the pre-written blogs and the old updates from Islanders-Sound Tigers mailing list there will not be too many summer gaps in terms of updates here.

New York Islander Fan Central is a year-round blog. I work under the premise there is always something going on with this team on some level and of course I'm always looking to add things to the blog itself so you will see some changes as I find things that I think will improve this blog.

As for what's upcoming:
Prospect camp is next week, the Canadian Junior camp is coming up in late July with team USA camp in early August and about eight or more Islander prosects should be participating, no doubt there will be plenty of other things to write about.

In terms of the club's schedule which should be released by the end of this week I will change the schedule links and put back in the widget when it's released.

I will not be adding another message board for next season unless a lot of folks tell me they want one here which leaves it in my readers hands, if the response is as strong as the chat response it may become necessary.

I'm not sure how/if I can replace Mr Prospects updates without a board but if
possible or if he is interested maybe I can just find a way to give him limited access to posting in some manner otherwise I will have to come up with something so we have updates on our prospects statistics.

As I have written several times no one does this as well as he does.

Perhaps a link to each prospects team website under their primary profile, a lot of work but I can do that?

Of course folks are always welcome to contract me if you would like to add your blog or Islander-related website here. I have some basic criteria for adding a site nor will I do personal seperate blog entries to advertise anyone's work or talk about their content aside from crediting some folks efforts on rare occasion.

I do not comment on news articles unless it's from members of the Professional Hockey Writers Association or from the NHL itself for the same reasons no one should take my commentary here and treat it as professional insiders content because it's not.

Of course as always, comments, suggestions are always welcome as the e-mail is always open for you to contact New York Islander Fan Central.

My thanks to everyone.