So what's next at NYI Fan Central?

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/30/2008 02:08:00 PM | |
Greg Logan in Newsday's Islander blog here tells us the pre-season schedule will be released later this week and that Scott Gordon will be interviewing today.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Funny, I did not read Steve Zipay's print article titled no Islander appetizers? To quote Bill Guerin earlier last season give it a rest with the Rangers, write about the Isles. Mr Logan starts by telling us were are not playing the Rangers and then does a paragraph about last year's brawl?

So what's next?
More updates depending on what's happening and more of the same as we go through a ton of negative preseason expectation articles presented by the usual suspects in the media along with team USA camp updates on the prospects as we get closer to training camp.

I will be taking vacation and a few days off here and there from blogging.

Of course full coverage when a coach is finally hired which is when I will finally schedule a live blog and chat so look for one scheduled next week or the week after when Garth Snow makes his decision.

Quick Hits:
I read in Newsday today they will shortly decide whether to make the on-line paper a pay subscription site like their TV News site.

If that happens my work load will decrease because I am not paying Cablevision for the margial coverage we receive to post their mediocre at best content whether it be Greg Logan or another writer.

Anyone who thinks Islander coverage will increase I'm afraid would be kidding themselves or wishful thinking at best. This is company that got Islander televsion rights years ago almost immediately took their games off television while during the summer we see virtually nothing in terms of Islander content while the house team is practically spammed all over Msg. Our team could not even get it's full share of the Hummer Metro Ice challenge without a fight and even then got only half. The writers will do as they are told or go find another job.

Regarding this blog I already do my own summary of games, the Isles can provide the quotes along with the AP and out of town coverage with ITV. It's up to the Islanders to bring the coverage to us and to work something out with Newsday and the other papers or provide their own writers for summaries and quotes. The Long Island theme to practically everything they release sure has made it very easy for editors in other papers to decrease coverage.

This blog will not be paying anyone to post full copyrighted material. The format changed during last season to provide a link with a summary of an article and will stay with that format.

Funny thing is Cablevision promises they will have a disclaimer next to coverage of their sports teams in the paper which is a joke because the Rangers should not be covered at all in Newsday for the same reasons city editors are finding excuses not to provide full time coverage of the New York Islanders.

Of course we know that is not going to be the case, I'm afraid anyone who sees a Cablevision owned Newsday as an increase in Islander coverage only need to turn on Msg Network to see how much more one team will receive than the others.