So who hires the next Islanders coach?

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Will Garth Snow make the call on who the next coach is?

If the general manager today said he expects the assistant coaches to return next season is Garth Snow about to hire his first head coach and pick who he feels gives this franchise the best chance at moving forward or will Mr Wang be making that choice as he did when he selected a coach and a gm before finding another gm?

Anyone coming in from the outside will likely want to bring in their own people behind the bench which has been a long-standing policy under this ownership. For years Greg Cronin was a holdover in the organization, now Jack Capuano is here from Steve Stirling's staff and coaching the Sound Tigers.

I'm sure the quick and painless fit would be Gerard Gallant who was fired in Columbus before coming here but will not be popular with the fans because he has no record of success. Many clubs with a staff in place may not grant permission for an assistant to be interviewed.

Sure we all know the names like Hartley, Tortorella, Crawford and a bunch of others are available including Milbury if you want to toss your dinner with disgust.

Garth Snow said it could take two days or two weeks but more importantly it will be interesting to see if this is his hire and if that choice is willing to work with prospects without a veteran franchise talent.

Also if this general manager is working only with a one year contract as Mr Botta wrote how are they going to hire another coach and give him more term?

Updated 10pm:
Garth Snow appeared on Msg at 10pm and said he will be starting to do interviews for a new coach right away and joked he wished he could hire someone in the next hour.