A Few Friday Notables

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Yahoo Sports: Has the latest Islander team report.

Newsday: Jim Baumbach announces in his blog there is no one available at the paper to cover Josh Bailey or Doug Weight's debut appearance at the teams club's open house Saturday and are inviting bloggers to help them out?

NYI Fan Central Comments:
So Anthony Rieber's boss cannot send him to Nassau Coliseum at 10am because he has to be across the street at Hofstra for a 1:30 pm Jet practice here.

Meanwhile Mr Rieber writes were going to call the Isles a laughinstock?

I know tomorrow's event in of itself is not a game or a big team announcement but it's a question of professionalism and yes, Newsday has had someone at all of these fan gatherings at the Coliseum.

This is just another reason why I take exception with Newsday coverage because for anything controversial or negative they go out of their way to cover it and hurt the club's perception which carries to all of North America but for other things like this which can only help the club they cannot be bothered to even have Mr Rieber show up a little early and cover both events. I did not see the Jets advertise in Newsday like the Isles did for tomorrow.

I wonder if the Post or even the News will see the opportunity to chat with Doug Weight first so someone from the professional media will be in attendance.

Who is this masked former Islander gm at the Rockport-Ipswich-Manchester-Essex co-op hockey program car wash which the Ipswich Chronicle reports on?

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Imagine the turnout if Milbury did that in New York? Sure would raise a lot of money but he may need an armed escort to survive.