Final Speculation on Next Coach

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/11/2008 04:07:00 PM | | | |
I know it has not been reported anywhere and everyone takes it as a given if someone interviews they absolutely will take the job if offered.

Garth Snow may not get his first choice here either if he has made up his mind which is someone no one has written about.

The potential coaches are people first and anything else second with family and financial considerations as well as relocating. A contract has to be worked out and given Neil Smith's circumstances that person no doubt will make sure it's binding and official from day one if they hired an agent. There can also be a question of that former club requesting compensation as the Isles needed permission just to interview.

Of course most clubs prefer to get any lingering commitment to a coach off their books but a team like Boston may want back that second round pick for Nokelainen to allow Scott Gordon to leave his spot in Providence. Peter Chiarelli had to go through this to get out of Ottawa but that was more about tampering claims and was not allowed to start in Boston until mid-July.

For all of the potential coaches there is also a question of a coaching staff, past practice here has seemingly been coach picks his own assistants. What will this mean for Ted Nolan's staff if a new coach wants his own assistants he feels comfortable working with?

Also a coach considering this job will want to know what Mr Wang's plan is if his Lighthouse Project is not approved whether I will have a job beyond his term as owner if he puts the club up for sale?

Finally that person has to decide if this is what they really want at this time for themselves (like anyone) and if the contract term is acceptable. Anyone going in knows coaches here last two seasons, it's Garth Snow's first hire and that may be unfair given ownership/gm changes but that is the history of this franchise back to Al Arbour.

Beyond Mr Botta's comment a while back Garth Snow to his knowledge has not been given a contract extension.

You look at a man like Paul Maurice and by any hockey/business standard the man has had two very tough years in Toronto on and off the ice with a general manager who wanted to fire him in season (John Ferguson) before the interim gm in Cliff Fletcher let him go. Sure we can talk about his overall record and what he would do (or fail to do) here but that's something that also could play into things for Paul Maurice.

Bob Hartley has had a nice break for himself and some separation from what happened in Atlanta, however he also has some players like Jon Sim and Andy Sutton to consider working with again and relocating along with the dollars and where his career is at this time.

Scott Gordon if he leaves a program in Providence on top will have to relocate and for now will inherit a club with really no prospects on his NHL defense with a lot of veterans to start the season up front in Guerin, Weight, Sillinger and a lot of older players on the backline in Sutton, Witt, Streit and Martinek. The role best suited to his skills may come in season if the club drops out of contention and many of those veterans at forward are traded/retire as more opportunities are available for prospects.

If he is the choice he will have a fourth line with potentially his former player in Andy Hilbert and Ben Walter. Richard Park does not make this a group of young prospects but of course all AHL clubs carry veterans.

We'll see, it is never as easy as Garth Snow picking up the phone and offering someone the job once he makes up his mind.

With that it's time the New York Islanders hire a coach.