Islander Notables/Quick Hits

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Islanders website: Kimber Auerbach has a feature on two of the players general manager Garth Snow's signed this summer in goaltender Peter Mannino, defenseman Brett Skinner with their comments and their link back to winning a National Championship in Denver.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It should be very interesting to see how things play out with Skinner and Mannino, especially Skinner to start things being he was signed from Scott Gordon's Providence Bruins in June where his former coach had to have some opinion about not
resigning him. I'm somewhat surprised they did not have a comment from Skinner on Scott Gordon but this feature may well be from mini-camp and pre-scheduled for a Sunday in August.

If I'm correct Skinner was drafted by Vancouver, traded to Anaheim and then traded to Boston last September.

My guess is Peter Mannino takes the same track Dubielewicz did at Bridgeport and competes with Joey MacDonald or Yann Danis. I'm not completely sold MacDonald has a lock on the backup spot entering camp or that Danis could not win it from him.

Quick Hits:
I will have more on my conversation with Professional Hockey Writers Association President Kevin Allen this week. I saw something today I wish I had seen a week ago before I spoke with him because I would have loved to ask for his take about it.

A Newspaper site called Michigan Live ( carries a freelance amateur hockey writer's blog in their newspaper site which today ripped the Boston Globe's Kevin-Paul Dupont for an article the writer felt was owner-friendly and felt Mr Dupont talks out of both sides of his mouth with regard to the CBA when it comes to NHL's Board of Governors, Jeremy Jacobs who owns the Boston Bruins.

The writer provided a lot of links to articles that supported his claims.

I guess some newspaper are allowing freelance amateur writers space to do hockey blogs in their newspapers begging the question why isn't the Times, News or Post doing this for the New York Islanders to supplement the coverage they are not providing for our hockey team?

No folks, this is not about me lobbing for my blog to be posted in one of those papers. I'm simply asking aloud for anyone with a blog/journal/whatever if a Michigan based publication where hockey has far more media presence does a paper in this market do the same thing?