New York in the Sundin-Schneider mix/Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/28/2008 01:09:00 PM | | Darren Dreger describes the Islanders as a dark horse team in the mix for Leafs unrestricted free agent Mats Sundin claiming general manager Garth Snow has been persistant to keep his team in the mix.

Mr Dreger also speculates the Islanders have an interest in bringing back Mathieu Schneider.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
These things are what they are until Sundin and Schneider's agents confirm or deny the Isles involvement unless Garth Snow actually has something to say and he is very unlikely to do so.

Considering the Isles have a lot of depth at center I would think if Sundin did sign here Mike Sillinger or Mike Comrie would be traded unless Sillinger does not intend to return or unable to.

On defense six defenders (not including Jack Hillen) are under contract for at least the next two years so do not bet on Schneider returning for his second go around with New York because he's not a durable player and not in line with what this team is advertising with a youth movement if it plans to give Campoli, Gervais or Hillen an opportunity among others.

Let's just hope if Mr Logan (or another Newsday reporter) writes about Sundin signing somewhere when they come around to mentioning the Islanders possible involvement make sure to include whether the Islanders offered a front-loaded contract
here with bonus money which the Islander beatwriter failed to do last summer instead of waving the everyone wants to be Ranger pom poms (as Larry Brooks did claiming it was not about the economics) and only providing the public the part of the story that would stir up Islander fans omitting that a corporate team is better suited to offer a front-loaded contract and an advantage the CBA did not take into account.

Of course Garth Snow made it very easy for Greg Logan to omit that part when he's bringing up the Coliseum as an issue but it's still something our beatwriter should have made clear if he's talking about the Islanders offering those players similar contracts.

Don't think for a second front-loaded contracts and bonus money are not a big deal to a free agent because by the final years of that agreement they can be bought out and lose a big part of the money they signed for (see Alexei Yashin) if you need any proof.

Cory Witt in his Islander media blog posted a very classy letter from blog boxer Jon Jordan announcing he will not be part of the program next season here with his reasons.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
NYI Fan Central wishes Mr Jordan the best of luck moving forward with his writing career and will continue to carry his work in our blog box feeder here at NYI Fan Central because of the outstanding quality and content.