Ted Nolan, The Final Interview

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/04/2008 01:36:00 AM |
This was from day two of the NHL draft on 6/21 where he sat down with Steve Mears, by July 14th all we had was his statement from the club.

I was not sure if everyone got a chance here to listen to his final interview, he kind of ignored the question about coaching the prospects next season.

Kind of ironic back on 2/2 Bill Guerin told George Vecsey of the NY Times that you hear a lot of negative things about some coaches but I never heard anything bad about Ted Nolan considering what had to transpire that final month.

It should also be noted in the Times and Transcript article on 4/15 by Dave Hodge
here Ted Nolan used the word " we " several times in describing his team and talked about the injuries being such a huge factor.

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