Bailey Update/More Injuries

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Journal Pioneer: Has a few more details on the Islanders Blue-White scrimmage game tonight in Summerside. The preseason game against Florida will be the NHL exhibition game.

Newsday: Greg Logan has a blog entry on Josh Bailey's return to London Ontario with his comments.

Mr Logan clarified his blog from Tuesday's game on the Bruins playing physical in the third period and reported Scott Gordon did send Mitch Fritz on the ice who bumped a few players but did not take a penalty in a tie game which he felt was the right move.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I always find it interesting we have fans who think playing an enforcer and taking a foolish penalty is a proper response to taking a good clean hit. This solves nothing but give the other club a powerplay and adds to the momentum that hit created.

Very simple solution, make sure your forward throws the big clean game-changing hits first so the other side can take the penalty and then make them pay with your powerplay.

This is why a Jason Wiemer never worked out here, he would throw the big illegal hit after an Islander took a clean hit and put the club shorthanded, he never initiated or had the ability to throw a big clean hit.

That's why Steve Webb had value, he would throw a clean-hit, the other player would be furious and would take a retaliation penalty while Webb skated away.

Brendan Witt knows when a player takes a retaliation penalty on him, he skates away and the Isles go on the powerplay.
Jeff Tambellini and Sean Bergenheim apparently are also injured and the club policy is not to give out details. Bergenhein will miss the Blue-White game at PEI but Scott Gordon reported Jeff Tambellini did skate but will not be rushed back. Mr Logan speculates we will not know anything definitive on Campoli based on team policy.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Now we know why Jesse Joensuu is getting a chance to play, if this group continues to be injury prone among it's young players and veterans that is going to be too much to overcome.

USA Kevin Allen has an Eastern Conference preview where he gives reasons why clubs do well or struggle.

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