Expectations for New York Preseason

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/22/2008 11:04:00 PM |
For this blogger pre-season means virtually nothing in terms of the win-loss record as long as they show some semblance of being competitive in the games.

Just show me the club does not have an obvious weakness or flaw that goes beyond the roster or lineup, hope no one gets injured and that the club knows the systems with the players in top shape with everyone on the same page.

I have seen one or two preseasons like that from this team long ago where they would score one or two goals over six games and it was apparent this was going to linger, one of those years I believe was Butch Goring's final year where he wanted some left handed centers to set up his right wingers.

Last time I saw a rookie coach from the AHL come here he started 7-0 in preseason as they blew out the Devils in the final game at the Coliseum with the crowd going wild.

First regular season game the Isles were bombed off the ice and struggled badly early.

Ted Nolan's first games on the West Coast this team clearly was not on the same page in many departments with DiPietro and Mike Dunham under constant pressure as the club could not get out of it's own way.

Just a little advice not to put too much stock in these games and results. Jon Sim used to be famous for big games in preseason and had one early game (I think with Dallas) where he had four goals.

Best of luck and thanks to Jim McGlynn from the Islanders blog box who will not be part of the program this season. He did an excellent job with his updates at Greetings from Islander Country here and his contribution will be missed but as long as he blogs at his current site his updates will be part of the blog box feeder here for everyone.

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