Your Coverage Starts When?

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/10/2008 11:12:00 PM |

Being that we do not have any local coverage of our team from a writer while Steve Zipay is out on his beat with blog entries, articles and live chats while Mr Herrmann keeps the proverbial glass full for one club and not the other I thought I would see if the other teams in our division are being covered as poorly as our team?

At the very least I would get used to the changes at each paper since last season when I start linking to the coverage from these papers when games begin. Were going to need all the print media articles we can find to supplement poor Islander coverage.

Seems the club is doing their part and more spending money to advertise and impressed me with an ad on MNF.

First I started off with a trip to the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News combined sites which had a few updates here about a Spectrum game with a feature on Simon Gagne from September 5th.

Wayne Fish seemingly had only one update since July 5th in the Phillyburbs blog but does write about other subjects, he did have a blog entry this week on Mike Richards being named captain so he's back working. Chuck Gormley always seems to be writing on a lot of subjects at the Courier Post along with hockey and does a few updates for the sporting news and other publications here.

Over in Pittsburgh at the Post-Gazette Dave Molinary did a prospect camp updatehere with the coverage infrequent but because of the ground breaking on the new arena they are getting some peripheral coverage and starting 9/1 Mr Molinary did start up his weekly Q & A in the paper. Seth Rorabaugh has over a hundred and seventy blog updates for the Pens in July, August and September at the Post-Gazette.

At the Tribune-Review Rob Rossi's chipped ice blog disappeared after 7/5 but the paper did have several August updates here and he just restarted his blog with a Q & A.

Of course our friends in New Jersey must be getting no coverage at all beyond Mark Everson making the fans feel rotten about their club on occasion right?


Rich Chere & former Isles Daily News writer Colin Stephenson at the Newark Star Ledger is not getting much (if any) print space for the summer but has been blogging a lot in the reporters blog here and does an excellent job covering the Devils. On August 14th he even listed a host of other beatwriter blogs around the league here for their respective teams.

And of course we all know Mr Brooks over at the Post has to cover baseball because hockey's not different in New York City but he does all he can to throw anything against the wall to keep some Ranger coverage going, he sounded like a man who wanted to pay Brendan Shanahan himself today so he could have someone to interview and make his job easier.

Don't fret folks, we have that nice ad in Newsday that reads " Your Season Starts Now " with Bill Guerin's picture, but that is not coverage.

Unfortunately New York Islander Hockey Coverage Season does not start now.

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