Islander News Articles 9/2

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Sarnia Observer: Dave Borody reports Islander prospect Justin DiBenedetto had two goals in a pre-season game against the London Knights.

Miami Herald: George Richard has the latest on the Bryan McCabe to Florida deal which will likely be announced today for Mike Van Ryn and draft picks exchanging hands.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio had a few blog updates and reports Russ Moyer will be invited to Islanders training camp.

Mr Fornabaio also had a few words on Brandon Sugden and the article in the Post-Standard by Lindsay Kramer a few days ago about him not being allowed to tryout with the Islanders because he retired and three clubs voted to uphold the rule he must stay retired here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Not much to write on any of this, a bit bush league on the rules regarding Sudgen considering he was playing in the same league Claude LaPointe was in and considering his father's condition this is a rule that needs to be looked at but he did retire on Syracuse which was not fair to them either.

I know nothing about Russ Moyer.

I guess the Panthers add some salary so Toronto can save money against the cap but this seems like a terrible move for Florida unless Toronto is sending a first round draft pick to the Panthers.

NYI Fan Central Update:
Major changes to the blog.....

We now have a second blog called NYI FAN CENTRAL PROSPECTS which is a brand new blog you can link to from the main page HERE and on the top of the blog tabs.

All Prospect, Bridgeport, Utah and Odessa Jackalopes sections have been transferred to that page and some new sections have been added like the Islanders Draft Central from June & July Prospect Camp Highlights.

The widget for all Junior League feeds and college has also been added to NYI Fan Central Prospects.

No blogs entries will be posted on that page, no comments permitted but it will have it's own special and unique look. This will clear up the clutter on the sidebar of this blog and help the pages load faster with a much better look I think everyone is going to like a lot.

As always all Prospect News, Sound Tiger updates and the World Junior Championships will have all News updates posted here.

This new blog is basically the sidebar for what used to be here but with a much better look.

Many changes to New York Islander Fan Central itself, some feeders moved or deleted because we had plenty of ways to subscribe already and a few things repeated in too many places are gone. Some scaled down features added back in like the standings and 08-09 schedule and a new look in terms of the graphics and presentation.

I think folks will also like the changes to this blog a lot also as we head toward the full rollout of the new features when training camp begins.

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