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Newsday: Greg Logan has Bruno Gervais comments on why he has gotten away from the offensive part of his game along with what he needs to do remain a regular defender in terms of playing in the top six despite his new contract.

Mr Logan had the fight card in the Islanders loss against Philadelphia.

AP: Has a brief recap on the game.

Sound Reported Team White recorded an 11-9 victory over Team Blue in the game on PEI. Matt Martin scored three goals in the win.

More Friday:
Times & Transcript: Gerard McLaughlin has an article on camp in Moncton wrapping-up after practice Friday with the Islanders headed back to PEI Saturday with comments from Seth Sylvan, the team's director of communications with a recap of how many of the players have been used in roles during some of the games.

Sun-Journal: Jason Pelletier reports Islander prospect could be returned to his new team in Lewiston by the end of the weekend.

Daily Gleaner: Bill Hunt has an interview with Islander coach Scott Gordon returning to the Aitken Centre on Wednesday night, where he broke into pro hockey as a goaltender with the Fredericton Express in 1986-87. In the interview he also had a interesting comment that Rob Hennigar has to identify there is more in the tank than he has been using and that the biggest thing is how quickly can he make the adjustment to become quicker on the ice and more explosive, and play out of that comfort zone.

Sarnia Observer: Dave Borody reports Sarnia lost 5-0 to Windsor with Mark Katic, Justin DiBenedetto and Matt Martin not expected back until Sunday while Windsor had all their players back except for Josh Bailey.

Newsday: Neil Best had Mr Botta's comments on the launch of his new blog that he will not be betraying confidences, that some could see it as a conflict of interest considering his friendship with Garth Snow combined with that this blog in effect is independant but carried by the club however folks should judge his blog for what it is.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Anyone who has read Mr Botta's blog from day one last year understands he gets it when it comes to the what our fans need and that's hockey information. I do not agree with everything he writes (just as no two folks agree on everything) but he goes all out for our fans to bring our teams story to light and that his contribution is always a huge positive, even if the news that day happens to be negative.

Anyone who needs an example of what we will see at the new Point Blank only has to check out his outstanding updates during the all-star weekend where he never let up with interviews and information for us and made us feel a part of it because of how hard he worked.

Mr Botta despite his friendship with the Islander general manager had no problem recently telling him in his blog to knock off the wise-guy act with the media on some issues and I have no doubt will be just as quick to pull no punches when it's called for on any subject.

What his blog will also do is bring us a level of Islander-centric reporting our fans are not receiving in the newspapers that's desperately needed.

This is like getting a second full-time writer who will give us a full blog packed with updates.

As for Mr Best he cannot even bothered to give us an update when our team announces a radio deal that even the LI business news questioned while he is quick to jump on any lack of radio coverage for Ranger fans on LI.

Point Blank: Mr Botta hooked in a feeder for us to follow his blog updates on the sidebar as before and does a great job with a new blog on the release of NHL injuries and how they are hidden from the public unlike other sports. Also included are comments from Director or Pro Scouting Kenny Morrow on last night's loss and his appearance on XM which he made available for those who do not have XM.

I should have done this before camp but with the blog running slower I held off expanding the news and blog box feeder updates, now everyone can view the last fifteen updates in both.

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