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Newsday: Greg Logan has a blog update with head coach Scott Gordon's comments where there is a lot of speculation about early line combinations and who could play center in Mike Sillinger's possible absence during camp.

Mr Logan felt there will be attention on Josh Bailey as prospect camp opens with his opinion he could benefit from another year in junior hockey.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I have no idea why Greg Logan thinks it was interesting Gordon did not include Ben Walter in his list of possible centers, he did not include Jeremy Colliton or Rob Hennigar either according to this.

All he had to do was ask the coach about Ben Walter, what he thinks of his game and if he had input into the trade for Petteri Nokelainen.

We just have to see how this plays out and hope the players make it a very tough decision for Scott Gordon and Garth Snow because they did well. Scott Burnside does an Eastern Conference preview and as usual makes Rick DiPietro and how he gets along with his coaches issue number one (after he brings up the last fifteen years to make up for his lack of current information) even though he is not around the club and feels Mark Streit's contract is a whopper of a deal and Doug Weight is the next John LeClair waiting to fall off the map during the season.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
No shock Mr Burnside had his usual negative preview where he goes right after the goaltender despite this young player never saying a negative word about anyone in print going back to the day he was drafted. What a surprise Mr Burnside did not feel Wade Redden at ten million more did not get a whopper of a contact but Mark Streit did?

Of course Newsday treats Rick DiPietro poorly in print, looks to make it about his personality and his contract every chance they can so no shock Mr Burnside and the outside media take that angle and run with it every chance they can. His speculation is fair about the lack of scoring on the roster but the rest was virtually worthless.

By my count Rick DiPietro has played for John Anderson, Butch Goring, Steve Stirling, Peter Laviolette, Brad Shaw as well as a few tournaments and no one wrote about how he got along with those coaches until he got his long-term contract.

I have never read one word about a fan being treated poorly by him for what that is worth since the day he was drafted either.

Of course Greg Logan took off all-star weekend from blogging like he wanted no part of DiPietro as an all-star.

CBS Sportsline: Wes Goldstein placed Doug Weight ninth in players who desperately need a turnaround noting his defensive role in Anaheim with Ryan Smyth playing eleventh.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Is it that tough to look at the stats before writing incorrect statements? If Doug Weight has been in decline since the lockout how come he had his best single season goal total since 2000-01 in 2006-07?

Fifty nine points and a plus ten is hardly a poor season or reflects a player in decline but how he does now will tell us the story.

In the very interesting department:
Media relations coordinator Cory Witt sent out a press release out announcing Mr Botta's Point Blank blog will be carried by the club in it's current version or a new version beginning September 25th which will not be subject to approval by Islander management.

Islander team President Chris Dey and Mr Botta comment about what they are looking to go with this.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Obviously great news for all New York Islander fans, his tenure ended far too quietly with no formal announcement and his link quickly pulled from the site.

Seemed a bit cold from an outsiders point of view but obviously the Islanders need all the folks willing to write about this club with objectivity they can find.

My only suggestion if possible is keep the same link and blog site, most folks know where it is already and the club's media voices blog is set up the same way because facebook seems like a lot or work that seems limited to the general public.

Mr Botta has a few words on this and as usual credits is very classy and thanks the fans for the support here.

24/7 Coverage? Be careful what you wish for in that department, Mr Botta. Ken Campbell rips the NHL for reinstating Brandon Sugden because of NHLPA pressure, a feel good story and what he calls the media apologists and those in hockey who refuse to acknowledge Sugden and his ilk are a blight on the game. Mr Campbell feels anything that can be used to keep him out of the game is a good thing because he is nothing short of a goon who could seriously injury some one's prospect. He goes on to further write the Islanders by extending an invitation to him goes a long way to explain why they’ll almost certainly be prime players in the Victor Hedman/John Tavares sweepstakes this season.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The only thing that matters here are the rules, not the ilk of someone you have never met face to face Mr Campbell or what kind of player he is. More than fair to question changing the rules to accomodate Sugden but the rest of this has no place here.

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