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Newsday: Greg Logan has a blog update with head coach Scott Gordon's comments on how he will not be having scrimmages but do what he has done with rookie camp and that is have controlled scrimmages within practice where teaching is done as Mr Logan writes about how squads will be divided in the upcoming days and what the routine will be.

Scott Gordon feels this is how he will teach the veterans and introduce everyone to his concept of increasing team speed within his system as no one will be considered a returning player and that's this is all new to everyone as they do drills that touch on things he wants his players to accomplish in a game as opposed to the usual scrimmage where the club plays and beats on one another as he wants that saved for the opposition.

Mr Logan is promising a recap of the prospect game in Shelton.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
For someone like myself who understands coaching strategy and systems this is a little different to not have regular scrimmages. It will be interesting to see how a guy like Bill Guerin, Mike Sillinger or others who have their own routines and concepts of camp and what they feel they must do to be ready conflict with the coach.

I suspect a rookie NHL coach may have to put up with a little resistance to this approach from the ten year veterans but I loved what he said because obviously he's seen some tapes of this club's weaknesses and this team needed a lot more in the technical department.

He may be talking above some folks with this but he's got me fascinated, for it to work the players have to buy in.

I suspect the Sound Tigers website will have something on the game in Shelton along with Mr Fornabaio during the afternoon.

Boston John Bishop has a running blog of the game at Shelton which at this time features a 6-4 New York lead and a Sean Bentivoglio hat trick along with a Joel Rechlicz fight after a five goal second period for New York.

Team 1 2 3 F
Boston 2 2 0 4
NYIs 1 5 2 8

Bruins: First Period -Knackstedt (Lehtonen) 1:18, Nelson (Marchand) 14:24. Second Period – Wheeler (Fritch) 11:02, Sauve (Marchand, Fritch) 12:36. Third Period – none.

Islanders: First Period – Bailey (Smith) 11:37. Second Period – Marcinko (Gratchev) 6:24, Bentivoglio (Henniger) 10:09 PP, Smith (Bailey) 13:18, Bentivoglio (Nikiforov, Katic), Bentivoglio (Henniger) 19:23 SH. Third Period – Gratchev (Marcinko, DiBenedetto) 19:35 EN, DiBenedetto (Marcinko) 19:47.

Fighting Majors: Boston – Fletcher, 15:58, 1st. Marquardt, 15:07, 3rd
New York - Rechlicz, 15:58, 1st. Haley, 15:07 3rd.
Regan gave way for Hutchinson at 9:57.

Newsday: Greg Logan blogged on the 8-4 prospect win with head coach Scott Gordon's comments on how the club played as he praised Josh Bailey and Mark Katic among several players who stood out.

Sound Tigers website: Recaps the Islander prospects 8-4 win over Boston with comments from Scott Gordon and Sean Bentivoglio.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio had an updated box score on the game in his blog.
******************************************************** Jim Kelley of SI is setting new standards for misinformation regarding the New York Islanders in an article about players with something to prove that Doug Weight has bounced all over the map in recent years when aside from a late season rental to Carolina in 05-06 had been with St Louis since 2001-02 and that he should quit because one could argue even god has forgotten about the New York Islanders.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
SI seems to have a very big grudge with this franchise that does not reflect the teams record and especially Mr Kelley who Mr Botta had a few choice words for recently regarding his sloppy reporting.

Note-The training camp primer links were posted in the prospects blog sidebar, just a list of players with their profiles and a few players from Utah included.

Defense and goaltenders today, forwards Friday.

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