NYI Fan Central back in Season Mode

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/04/2008 04:27:00 PM |

Next week will be a very busy time so I decided to pick today to roll out the new blog redesign and put back our traditional look as opposed to the opening of camp.

Outside of a few minor tweaks this is close to the final product and like the new prospects blog I think it's something everyone will enjoy.

One of the big new changes was a triple-column blog design so more items can be featured with less clutter. Another was the return of the labels so folks can link and find information. The old setup had so many tags I could not post tags any longer because the list ran longer than the page.

A new feeder tag was also added to each post along with the book marks so many of those old subscribe widgets could be deleted.

Eventually when games begin I will add in the scoreboard.

This season there will also be more live chat blogs during some games.

Thanks again to everyone.

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