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The Star: Kevin McGran has the latest on Jason Blake as he reports on his health and expectations for year two with the Leafs.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I know I'm rooting for Jason Blake and with him settled in now after a tough first season I expect we will see more production from him and a return to the forum he showed here. Every day he plays hockey this is a better league with him part of it.

NY Post: Mark Everson has his usual negative article on the Devils in terms of free agency and keeping their own players.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
He did not get the nickname Neverson among area hockey fans for nothing, makes you want to run right out and purchase tickets before he does a limited space article on the Devils attendance. He makes it feel like root canal starts september 19th.

Quick Hit:
That's two nights in a row Msg featured some Rangers on their Msgny show and did a little advertising for their preseaon games. John Giannone was up at their training facility with Dave Maloney, nothing from our announcers.

Henrik Lundqvist said he wants to play about seventy five games and Giannone waved the Cablevision pom poms and lobbed him a lot of softball questions which is fine but if DiPietro said this it would be turned into something negative.

I wonder if Greg Logan still had his old beat if he would have written Lundqvist was hard-headed as he did about the Islander goaltender on 3/20?

Don't worry folks, Mr Zipay has several Ranger blog updates and a live chat on Wednesday for his readers while our beatwriter.......................nevermind.

NYI Fan Central Update:
I'm not sure if folks are interested in this but blogger came up with something where you can add a blog you visit on a regular basis for those with accounts who go through differnt sites to link here.

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