Schneider clears waivers/Quick Hits

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Vancouver Sun/several outlets: Report former New York Islander Mathieu Schneider cleared waivers Wednesday. Calgary Flames placed Marcus Nilson on waivers Wednesday for the second time this summer.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It's painfully obvious no club in this league is going to absorb that big a cap hit for a thirty nine year old player even on a one-year contract. Will Brian Burke make a deal and take back salary or put him on re-entry waivers with Anaheim playing part of his salary?

Quick Hits/Blog Announcements:
Beautiful redesign for the Islanders tv player, a lot like the NHL player but Islander centric. All due respect to Scott Gordon but were going to keep the Four Stanley Cups in our picture.

Here is a little sample from Scott Gordon after Monday's rookie camp.

I cannot do anything with the Islanders current website logo and the ever changing slogans which I guess for now is Experience Islander Hockey so against what I wish to do I put up an older design from the club website. It's not my website so whatever picture they present I would like to post for my blog readers but in this case I am not able to at this time.

In terms of this blog I put up some more links (including a picture link) for the prospects blog and a link list where the old prospect section was to redirect anyone looking for it. I hope folks are not under the impression I dropped the Bridgeport, Utah or Odessa sections because all of them are on that new blog and enhanced. Making these changes allowed me add a lot of new things one blog would not have enough space for.

Our little schedule widget skipped right into October mode and cut out the preseason games after posting all of them.

I took out the dates for ITV and Islander website updates for a more crisp, clean look on the sidebars.

All the daily articles of course will be here for the Sound Tigers along with the prospects.

Anything regarding Wednesday's camp update I will either post here later or start a new blog for in the Thursday news articles.

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