Sillinger Update/Late Notables

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Newsday: Greg Logan reports Mike Sillinger has not been cleared for contact and will be on his own rehab schedule in camp in Moncton after suffering some setbacks in his recovery from hip surgery that could put his status for the opener in doubt as he comments from the teams training facility in Syosset with the other veterans working out.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Not completely unexpected, we'll have to see how it goes for Sillinger but there are a lot of centers under contract with a veteran and prospect surplus at the position.

Islanders website: Announced a new radio agreement today that will have it carried on several different Long-Island based stations.

Long Island Business News: David Reich-Hale reports fans in the rest of the metropolitan area, including Queens and Brooklyn will struggle to pull in the signal and fans in New Jersey and most of Connecticut won't be able to listen on the radio at all.

Media relations coordinator Cory Witt comments in the article that the Islanders Radio Network is set up so fans outside of Long Island can listen on XM Radio or online and that they are always looking for ways to increase their reach.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Another step backwards in coverage of New York Islander hockey.

Basically what the team just told their tri-state area fan base that comes in big numbers to Msg and New Jersey unless you live on Long Island, go buy XM as if you live in another state and good luck if you want to listen from Brooklyn or Queens but we cannot help you.

If your a Sound Tigers fan who wants to follow the Islanders, good luck listening from Ct.

That's not acceptable.

I do not know the radio business but anyone who has followed along on this for years knows the club has bounced every other year to a new network and had a lot of carriers that provided a signal so poor you could not listen in Queens or Nassau County.

A major step backwards from Bloomberg or Espn 1050. Jim Kelley had an article on the changes to goaltending equipment that he felt were peripheral at best while the caption had a picture of Rick DiPietro and Ken Dryden with Carolina general manager Jim Rutherford's comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I suppose we should be impressed SI found a recent picture of Rick DiPietro given Mr Kelley could not pick up the telephone to interview coaches who were on the Islanders list to interview? How about a nice Luongo or Lundqvist picture of his very long billboard like pads stretching from post to post flat on the ice when he is in the butterfly?

Mr Kelley made the right point but the staff picked the wrong goaltenders picture to make it's point.

Point Blank: Mr Botta claims the Rangers were one of four teams to block Brandon Sudgen's return to the NHL and that it makes sense for a rival to block such a move because it could effect them on the ice.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Just as the Islanders would be on the other side of this if a divisional club tried to sign Brandon Sugden because it would hurt their competitive advantage if the Rangers, Flyers, Devils or Pens tried to sign him.

If four teams blocked his return I would not be surprised if the Flyers, Devils and Pens were the other three clubs.

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