Dallas 5, New York 3

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Islanders website: Has the recap of tonight's game against the Dallas Stars.

Associated Press: Has the recap of tonight's 5-3 loss to the Dallas Stars.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
What can I write? You almost expect another injury to a defender going into these games now because this is what the track record of this group is. Spin the wheel with Witt.

4-6 weeks, a few months or the grand prize?

Did not look good but he went off on his own.

No team can sustain these kind of injuries to a Witt or Martinek and expect to win a lot of games in a row.

As for the game itself, this was not the Buffalo game where the Islanders simply got nothing going and Lalime could have taken a seat, first shift Islanders got some good chances and were strong on the forecheck on a lot of shifts and you could see a little bit of the system coming through in how they were forechecking and the defense jumping in. If the Islanders did not come out against a team playing it's third game in four nights that were just shutout I would be somewhat more encouraged by the chances they created but that was a club that had to be a little fragile that had some significant injuries of their own.

Dallas looked like a team due to breakout and frankly made some good plays for their goals. I cannot blame DiPietro or the defense for any of those goals against but the defense at other times let the Star forwards get behind them. Without DiPietro it could have been worse.

Campoli played about as well as you can ask for someone in his first game, Streit had a nice play for his goal.

What was the game changer for me? 1-0 Comrie makes a great play to send a forward in alone and Turco makes the save. If this were Tambellini, Nielsen, or Okposo I could accept not scoring there because the club is giving it's young players ice-time but having Richard Park in that spot expecting to give this club an offensive lift is just not something that is not going to happen enough to merit him in that spot.

Last year should have taught Garth Snow this, Park is not the right player for that role and neither is Andy Hilbert. I have no idea what Nate Thompson is here for because he looks slow or invisible and seems to hold down his line. At 3-0 that is when I want to see Thompson send a physical message.

Dallas came right down and scored and to me that set up what happened the rest of the game, have to finish that chance.

Bergenheim was outstanding all night and if this does get him off the fourth line I have no idea what will, what a nice touch pass to Guerin with a bouncing puck, the best player on that line with Guerin and Weight.

They really called Bergenheim for a rough on that last play with Avery? Islanders pk was not very good tonight but again Dallas made plays. I guess it's easy to blame Tomas Pock for Krystofer Barch's defelection goal but that's just a good play by Barch, Pock had his man and was pushing him to the angle.

The second goal was poor coverage by Pock on a play that was not an odd-man rush, the third was just a good play to knock a puck out of mid-air on a Gervais clearing attempt.

I know the Islanders did everything but score with their second period powerplay but far too many outside chances, Hunter was outnumbered 2-1 on one clear with a five on three man advantage. Tambellini and Nielsen were not as involved in this game as they needed to be.

First Dallas goal one Islander had a chance to clear all the way down the ice and with time only flipped it to center so they could not make a change.

We move on to Saturday, regulation losses in this league are killers in the long-run and other clubs are piling up the points with every other game a three point game.

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