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Newsday: Greg Logan has the recap on Saturday's 2-0 loss with comments from head coach Scott Gordon on how the Islanders could not even consider letting their defenders pinch with Rick DiPietro talking about how he felt during the game and what's ahead for him.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Scott Gordon sounded a lot like Ted Nolan when he started talking about not scoring at five on five and that his players had no depth to their attack because he could not get his defense involved.

Newsday: Mr Logan's second article was on Scott Gordon changing his mind
about using a forward on his powerplay because of Doug Weight's vision and passing ability along with some repeats from his pre-game blog on Bergenheim and Mitch Fritz.

Palm Beach Post: Brian Biggane & Miami Herald: George Richards has the Panthers coverage including the beatwriter's blog here.

Los Angeles Times: Pete Thomas has a few words on the Islanders Mandarin broadcasters having trouble translating certain hockey words and phrases into the Chinese language.

Newsday: Media reporter Neil Best has an article with comments from Msg President Michael Bair trying to explain Cablevison-Msg double standards in hockey television coverage with comments from Islander president Chris Dey along with former VP of communications, Chris Botta.

Mr Best after a disclaimer he receives his paycheck from Cablevision did his Ranger dance claiming his favorite team is more popular than the Islanders but did point out Msg is not keeping it's promise of expanded coverage it made last season when it changed the name of it's Fsn station to MsgPlus.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I suppose if I owned Cablevision, kept two teams off television for months and spammed my product every single day I could come back to the public and tell everyone the team I own is more widely popular through my paid employees.

Of course it does not make it so, but it is a good way to control perception.

Rangers have been a media joke in terms of local television ratings for years and are virtually ignored in their own market come playoff time against major market clubs and that's with a lot of Islander and Devil fans watching.

Msg pays their hockey competition to limit exposure, control ratings and perception, in the process they damaged their own product.

No shock the latest President of Msg is defending a double-standard that intentionally drives down ratings so they can throw it back at the public as justification for limiting game coverage, Mr Bair made it sound like because Msg showed a team produced program (Isles-Illustrated) it was an excuse not to do a pregame.

In other words you can only have one or the other.

Mr Bair outright lied about beefing up Islander coverage on MSGNY, this team did not receive a single update from Moncton until the team returned to New York and that was from ITV with week old highlights after we all knew they would not even allow live Internet for games which Mr Best did not touch in his article.

Already we are starting to see the same double-standards in their newspaper with the signs and spin already there with the Rangers having no business getting a Newsday backpage much less equal coverage to the Islanders on any day.

I guess Lou Lamoriello did get more things from his renewed television contract than John Spano long ago.

In the end only thing Msg does is hurt hockey's exposure and their own product in the process.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio recaps the Sound Tigers home opener with comments from Mike Iggulden, Yann Danis and head coach Jack Capuano along with what's new at Harbor Yard here and a preview of Sunday's game here against Philadelphia at 7pm.

Troy Record: Has Albany coverage.

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